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Read your favorite book

Things You Can Do When Bored on Land Travel

If you like to travel it seems like you are used to traveling by land, be it trains, buses or private cars. Especially if your destination is on a difficult terrain to touch. Surely you will feel bored if you travel for hours.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to fill your boredom on a road trip. What are those?

1. Playing games on mobile

Playing games on mobile

Lots of games that you can play on your cellphone. Starting from online and offline games . I was so much fun playing the game, even a long trip would not feel boring. If you are bored with one game, you can download several games for inventory.

2. Taste typical food in the city that you pass

Taste typical food

To get rid of fatigue on the trip, you can stop briefly in the city that you pass to taste a variety of typical foods. Such as you pass through the city of Semarang, there are Lunpia, tofu meatballs, milkfish presto and others.

Not just tasting, if you like you can bring it as a souvenir for the family at home.

3. Snacking


Seeing the scenery that you pass will certainly be right if accompanied by snacking. Some snacks or snacks that you cook you can bring on the trip. But remember, Bela, you don’t have to have too much stomachache and you have to look for a toilet.

4. Karaoke together

Karaoke together

Who says karaoke can only be done in the studio? You can listen to a fun song and sing it with loved ones in one car if you travel in a private car.

Long time won’t feel if your mood is good.

5. Read your favorite book

Read your favorite book


If you have a hobby of reading and haven’t completed enough of one book, you can bring it while on a road trip. This you can do when traveling on a flat terrain. Reading novels, comics and magazines can be anywhere, right?

6. Take pictures or video of the scenery

Take pictures or video of the scenery

Usually every trip that you take must not escape from uploading content on social media. It’s time for your creativity to be tested by creating short video content or collage photos during the trip, then edit them right away. Not bad, time on the go is actually useful for your cool content.

7. Sleep on a trip

Sleep on a trip

If you’ve done all of the above activities, you can sleep for a while. Yaps , sleep is the easiest way to make time pass, especially if you travel more than 6 hours. Don’t forget to stretch your body when you wake up.

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