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Paro Airport

These 7 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

Traveling by airplane can be considered the fastest and most convenient way to travel and reach different destinations. In some countries, airports offer long runways and designs that make travelers comfortable waiting for their planes to arrive. However, in other places, airports can be very dangerous, making you think twice about visiting them.

What makes airports so dangerous is the short landing lane, leaving almost no room for miscalculation. Landing an aircraft on such a narrow runway can be very challenging so that only trained and skilled pilots can access the area. Summarizing, here are 7 of the most dangerous airports in the world.

1. Lukla Airport, Nepal

Lukla Airport

If Mount Everest is on your bucket list , landing at Lukla Airport is inevitable. The short airport runway is not the only challenge of flying to Lukla but also the fact that the airport is located between mountains. What’s even scarier is that there are times when airports don’t have traffic controllers and lights, which means pilots have to land without a guide.

2. Toncontin Airport, Honduras

Toncontin Airport

Launching from Interesting Engineering, as a substitute for landing, the aircraft needs to make a quick 45 degree turnback to be able to take off perfectly. But if you look at Toncontin Airport, you will not see a runway spinning because there is only a straight and short runway.

3. Svalbard Airport, Norway

Svalbard Airport

Svalbard Airport is considered the northernmost airport in the world. The airport does not have sufficient runway lights, which is why it only serves flights during the day. When you arrive at this airport, you will immediately be presented with an amazing view of the North Pole and even if you are lucky, you will be ‘welcomed’ by wild polar bears.

Unfortunately, this airport only accepts local flights. The reason is that this airport does not meet international airport standards, so Svalbard Airport no longer accepts international flights.

4.Madeira Airport, Portugal

Madeira Airport

Seeing the picture alone makes us shudder in horror yes. Short runways, inadequate lighting and strong winds from the Atlantic sea make Madeira Airport in Portugal the most dangerous airport in Europe.

5. Courchevel Airport, France

Courchevel Airport

Not all airports in France are luxurious in design. The proof is that the Courchevel Airport located in the French Alps is very ‘rough’ and dangerous. The airport is one of the steep airports, which lacks adequate lighting and is very slippery because of the snow that always covers the runway.

6. Paro Airport, Bhutan

Paro Airport

Only 8 pilots are eligible to make a safe landing at Paro Airport, Bhutan. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, the airport is located at an altitude of 2225 meters above sea level with unforgiving terrain. The weather can be very extreme, which makes flying to this area risky. Therefore, flights are only allowed during the day.

7. Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

Narsarsuaq Airport

Here’s what you have to go through to get to Greenland: ice-covered runways, harsh cold temperatures, thick snow and ash clouds from active volcanoes that produce low visibility and strong winds. Ready to face it?

Those are some of the most dangerous airports in the world. Which do you think is the scariest?

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